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A glorious afternoon of House Football matches

A glorious afternoon of House Football matches

Saturday saw over eighty boys playing football on top field representing their Houses. It was great to see the Year 3s competing with the much more physical Year 5s in the Junior competition and similarly the Year 6s competing with the Year 8s in the Senior competition.

Top field was warm and the grass a luscious green. Mr Price, who has been a teacher at S. Anselm’s for over 40 years commented this week that the top field is as good as he has seen and so thank you to the ground staff for all of their hard work over the summer. The Cope pavilion was looking great in its new green outfit and the cakes, sandwiches, teas and coffees were appreciated throughout the afternoon.

The Junior House matches were very competitive. We played 7 a side and it was great to see the boys all getting involved. Highlights from the day have to include the spectacular shot from James S (W) from the half way line which clipped the crossbar on the way into the net. Edward P (W) also made some spectacular saves in goal along with Christian C (N) who read the danger at the back very well keeping Nelson’s goals conceded to a minimum. Finley T (P) was an excellent striker and his dribbling with the ball at pace was wonderful to see. At the other end of the spectrum Freddie H and Neville W were power houses for their team, muscling their way from defence to attack like Arnie Schwarzenegger. There were many Year 3s who got on the score sheet, which is a tremendous effort and so well done to Arthur H, Rudy O, Freddie H and Kingsley H.

Match results:

Wellingtons  (James S)                                    1 - 3     Churchills (Zach C 2, Neville W)

Pitts  (Jack G, Finley T)                                  2 – 4    Nelsons (Freddie Hic 3, Freddie H)

Churchills  (Neville W 2, Zach C)                  3 – 0    Nelsons

Pitts  (Kingsley H)                                          1 – 4    Wellingtons (Rufus H 2, James S 2)

Churchills  (Zach C, Bruno F 2, Neville W)   4 – 1    Pits (Arthur H)

Wellingtons  (Rufus H)                                   2 – 3    Nelsons (Rudy O, Freddie Hic 2)


The Junior Player of the Tournament for each house went to:

Wellingtons -   Edward P

Churchills -      Neville W

Pitts -               Rory K

Nelsons -         Freddie H


The overall Junior House Football results:

1st – Churchills

2nd – Nelsons

3rd – Wellingtons

4th – Pitts


In the Senior House competition there was lots of hype and well done to the new House Captains who really got their teams into shape and all of the boys were up on top field practising in their houses prior to kick off. Wellingtons were the King of the Draws as they picked up two points in all three games, giving them a goal difference of 0, which sadly handed 2nd place overall to Churchills. There were some good passages of play as the teams worked hard to find weaknesses in the opposition defence. Some of the highlights were Josh N’s incredible save against Wellingtons to deny what otherwise would have been a sensational goal.


Match results:

Churchills (Colin W, Charles W, Marlow C, Alec F)             4 - 0     Nelsons

Pitts                                                                                         0 - 0     Wellingtons

Wellingtons                                                                             0 - 0     Churchills

Pitts (Eduardo J)                                                                     1 - 0     Nelsons

Churchills (Alec F)                                                                  1 - 4     Pitts (Alfie W, Eduardo J 2, Bruno K)


Well done to the Senior Player for each house:

Wellingtons -   Vladimir P

Churchills -      Alec F

Pitts -               Eduardo J

Nelsons -         Josh N


The overall Senior House Football results:

1st – Pitts

2nd – Churchills

3rd – Wellingtons

4th - Nelsons


A full album of photos can be seen our on school Facebook page at:   https://www.facebook.com/pg/s.anselms/photos/?tab=album&album_id=667990960076429




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