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All Fired Up - by the Great Fire of London

All Fired Up - by the Great Fire of London

We have seen some pretty exciting events taking place in Year 2 already this year, but the highlight so far is possibly our very own arson attempt … by recreating the Great Fire of London!

We firstly made our 3D replica Tudor buildings by working in pairs and we took care to show the famous Tudor style black and white decoration, thatched roofing and tiered design. We were pleased with our final products but were careful not to get too attached as before we knew it, we were lining them up on the field imagining it was Pudding Lane in 1666 and Mr Newton was setting them alight.

Just as in September 1666, it was a windy day and the fire caught hold immediately and the houses were burnt to ash within no time at all. As we watched our work go up in flames, we had different reactions. For some, it was a really exciting and fun event; “It was the second best experience of my life!” (Freddie L) whereas some could really empathise with the people who had lost important things; “I thought it was going to be fun, but when it got to my house, I felt really sad inside.” (Maia B).  As the embers of the fire were finally dying down, some even tried to get it going again by blowing on it whilst others stood silently reflecting on the experience.

As well as watching and experiencing our fire, we had the special task of also filming it on the iPads as part of our Project this term. We can’t wait to now use the footage alongside the Green Screen Technology so that we can have live news reports from the scene of action!