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Ancient Egyptian Day in Year 3

Ancient Egyptian Day in Year 3

On Friday 31st October Year 3 took part in an Ancient Egyptian Day. The pupils wore typical costumes and make up from that era and put on the headdresses and decorative collars that they had been making in Art lessons.

The first challenge was to solve some Egyptian hieroglyphs to crack a secret message. Next they had to calculate answers to sums using Egyptian numbers and design their own cartouche, which is an oval shaped plaque with a pharaoh’s name on.


After morning break the children worked in groups to design and make a model of a shaduf that could be used to get water out of the River Nile.  Some energetic Egyptian dancing followed which helped work up an appetite ready for bread making! Our Ancient Egyptian bread was made by mixing flour, salt and warm water. Whilst the bread was baking we challenged each other to some taxing games of senet, an Egyptian game a little like noughts and crosses.

Once the bread was ready the children headed down to the dining room where they enjoyed a banquet full of the typical types of food that the Ancient Egyptians would have eaten. Pomegranates, grapes, dates, figs, melon, raisins and home-made bread with honey were all washed down with some red and white grape juice.

A fun and educational day was had by all!

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