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Annie Jr !!

Annie Jr !!

This year’s Seniors managed to pull out all the stops in order to put on their production of ‘Annie Jr’ on Thursday 25th June 2015 and it was certainly an event not to be missed! Working incredibly hard, the Year 8 and Chapel Choir pupils must have felt they really were living the ‘Hard Knock Life’ as we rehearsed for hours and hours, refining and polishing scenes to give a fantastic performance that reflected all the input. 

For those of you that don’t already know the story, it went a little something like this;

Amidst a group of orphans living in a facility run by the cruel Miss Hannigan (Tara O),  Annie (Hattie N) believes that her parents left her there by mistake. When a rich man named Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks (Louis S) decides to let an orphan live at his home to promote his image, Annie is selected. While Annie gets accustomed to living in Warbucks' mansion, she still longs to meet her real parents. So Warbucks announces a search for them and a reward of $50,000, which brings out many frauds. Miss Hannigan, with her crafty brother Rooster (Tom T) and his girlfriend Lily St Regis (Miriam A) plan to get this money and use Annie to their advantage. Thankfully, with clever and influential characters like Warbucks and his assistant, Grace (Amber H), they can go straight to the top in order to get to the bottom of the mystery and ensure Annie has a happy future ahead of her.

As ever, thanks must go to the incredible staff team that help put this all together; Mrs Bennion for her amazing 1930’s inspired set, Mrs Seddon for the array of costumes, Mr Watt for the lights, Mrs Dinnigan for help with the choreography and Mr Percival for the Musical Direction. But, of course, the main thanks must go to the cast of children whose dedication, hard work, energy, enthusiasm and awesome talent is the reason the show was such a success.


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