S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16


The Art Department is situated in a light and airy room, with an adjoining pottery room. Schemes of work offer the opportunity to experience drawing, painting, collage, print-making, textiles, ceramics and sculpture.

Y6 Futurist Showing Movement Y6 Futurist showing movement Year 6 Futurist showing movement Year 6 Futurist showing movement Y6 Futurist Showing Movement Year 6 Futurist showing movement Year 6 Futurist Showing Movement Year 6 Futurist Showing Movement The teaching of Art at S.Anselm’s allows children to become better learners by being creative-risk takers, collaborators, communicators and responsive, reflective and critical thinkers. The focus on creativity and imagination allows children to produce new and original ideas of their own. They are given opportunities to develop creative thinking skills and to become excellent problem-solvers.

A feeling of ownership and meaning is important in children’s work. Being inventive is valued. Imagination is used in artwork to visualise fresh ideas. In an area where there are no ’right’ answers, children learn to appreciate diversity, individuality and uniqueness.

A skills-based approach is considered important, allowing children to achieve competence with a number of skills, processes, tools and materials. With increased control and understanding of the different media, they will be able to experiment with more confidence and be empowered to express themselves and communicate their ideas.

Vorticist Countdown Vorticist Countdown Vorticist Countdown Vorticist Countdown Vorticist Countdown

Vorticist Countdown  Vorticist Countdown Vorticist Countdown Vorticist Countdown Vorticist Countdown

Observational drawing is taught to allow children to feel the power of having captured the world they see. Careful observational drawing improves problem solving skills as the children learn how to translate what they see into form, line, space, texture and colour.

Looking at the work of artists and artefacts from other cultures is an integral part of the schemes of work. It is an essential part of building knowledge and understanding. Being introduced to art and culture with a global or historical perspective develops cultural awareness, sensitivity and appreciation of diversity.

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