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Boarders Feast and Go Karting

Boarders Feast and Go Karting

Boarders’ Feast and Go Karting

Such excitement on a very cold and frosty weekend. It really has started to feel like Christmas is on its way. The Under 11 boys were on a high after their recent unbeaten season and with the dorms feeling very Christmassy and sweets aplenty the boarders were very much looking forward to spending the evening together eating the most delicious food, singing their favourite traditional Christmas carols and drinking Christmas mocktails.

Saturday evening was a great evening. There was a choice of four films on offer, with the boys and girls dressed down in their comfies they brought duvets and pillows to their chosen film, accompanied with popcorn, lemonade and good company. It has been a busy old term and the boys and girls have absolutely thrown themselves into everything.

We all had a much deserved lie in on the Sunday morning. As ever we tucked into a full English breakfast. On full stomachs we proceeded to wrap up in hats, gloves and scarfs for the days go karting. With 40 pupils going we had 8 go karts on the track. What a fantastic track it was too, over bridges, under bridges, sharp hair pins enough to throw even the best drivers into the tyres. The weather conditions really added to the day, at one point the track was white with hail and slush sending drivers all over the place. Bumps, bangs and a few slow laps were endured. The format of the race was an endurance race. All 8 karts were on the track for an hour and a half. Every 8 minutes or so the drivers were called into the pit lane for a flying change of driver. This was slick, Ferrai would be impressed with the speed the boys and girls nipped out and nipped back in before looking left (or not as the case turned out) before speeding back out onto the track and into the sharp hair pin onto the bridge. It has to be said there has to be a mention for George L who spent most of his time eating rubber in walls but even on his third set of laps he loved the accelerator too much, often ending in a spin out. Needless to say Team 1 was slightly off the pace. Iona C was superb for her team. Team 7 were the overall champions and Alex S also put in some good lap times. It was great fun and it was all the boys and girls talked about for the rest of the afternoon.

 We needed to warm up and the S. Anselm’s swimming pool allowed us to do just that. A free swim to bob about and play with the floats was just what the boys and girls needed. The Year 8s were busy practising the 12 Days of Christmas with Mr Mortimer. This was certainly worth it as the entertainment on Sunday evening was second to none.

The time came. Decorative invites had been sent to the boarding staff and weekly boarders and all were to meet at 6.30pm in the library for drinks and a 7pm feast in the dining room. All day the kitchen ladies had been slaving away, preparing the children’s favourite meal: roast beef, Yorkshire puddings and all of the trimmings with huge towers of profiteroles for supper. This is what the Head Boy and Girl wanted and this is what they got. Huge portions were handed out and the winner of the profiterole eating competition, which got very messy, was close between Sammy U and Will D but Sammy in the end took all of the glory after putting it to the audience clap-o-meter. Every so often the Christmas bell would dingle, the children would all stand and we would sing a verse of a different well known carol with gusto. A highlight was hearing the various Christmas songs from different countries, Mr Wittmann begun with a delightful Germanic rendition of ‘Silent Night’, Mathilde S and Darius B a French carol and my favourite was Artur S with the Russian National Anthem….superb!

The festivities carried on long into the evening, lots of singing, dancing on tables, eating and the secret Santa was all very exciting. Each and every boarder had picked out a name before exeat and had to find a suitable present worth a maximum of £5…the staff all got involved and soon enough there was a staff v children netball match in the dining room. Normally we would keep this hush hush but Mr Phillips was at the heart of it, showing us his silky basketball skills with Mr Mortimer 8ft 7inches on the tables making it nearly impossible for the children to intercept. Fortunately the light bulbs were untouched and the staff could claim the moral win. Miss Southam and Miss Phillips were soon up on their feet performing their song from Frozen before we said a few words of thanks to all those who make boarding what it is.


A fabulous evening had by all and we are now well and truly ready for Christmas. The evening ended with the best dressed dorm, which was decided by the Christmas Fairies – albeit they were not all too happy with the amount of tuck hidden away. This will be much stricter next term it has been promised - but rightly they gave the Best Dressed Dorm 2014 to Girls Common Room (Year 7) and Boys Piper (Junior Boys). You certainly knew it was Christmas when you walked in those dorms!!


Mr Wood

A great term boarders and we look forward to much more fun next term!!!