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Boarders' Halloween Report

Boarders' Halloween Report

The first week back after half term has been really full on but it has certainly been one of the most exciting weekends of the year! This year we have had a slightly different take on the usual one night Halloween party. Instead every night has been a party since arriving back to school on Tuesday evening right through until Sunday night.  

Wednesday night saw the children make their own witches with Mr Robinson to help decorate their rooms and classrooms. The most humongous and scary pumpkins were created on Thursday evening with Mr Wood, Madame Harris, Mrs Dinnigan, Mr Wittmann and Mr Farrar.


Friday arrived. There was much hype with it being Halloween. The night drew in early and with a half-moon in the clear sky there were shadows appearing everywhere we looked. Suddenly the lights went out, noises all around and a note slammed against the dining room window. A tall, slight man dressed in a long black coat with a hood and the most horrifying white mask imaginable trying to get a message to the pupils of S. Anselm’s. The message was delivered, invoking fear into all of the pupils:

“Zombies have swept through Bakewell and all of Derbyshire has been destroyed and infected. The whereabouts of all of the zombies is uncertain however some have been seen heading up the hill towards school. There is a cure, but you will have to solve the clues in order to find it. There is a hidden password that can be made from the letters found at the end of each clue. Clues must be left intact. There is not a lot of time. You must act quickly! Any zombies who catch a pupil will scar their hand. For every scar, less medicine (tuck) is available so don’t get caught! Stay as a team. Only a whole team can finish.”


With the news delivered the teams were set off one by one in 5 minute intervals. The school was filled with screams, coming from all corners and all ages. Thankfully only a few were infected but luckily there was plenty of medicine (tuck) to help those infected. The only safe room in the county was the S.A dining room where there was enough scary pumpkins to ward off the zombies. Again the dining hall looks absolutely superb and the amount of effort Julie and the ladies put into every single year for the boarders is fantastic and hugely appreciated. Also, the children. After all this is all for them but their costumes were brilliant. Scary and horrifying and even better than last year!

The staff with Miss Flack as an evil Egyptian, Mr Mortimer as the tall, dark, horrific creature, Mr Wittmann as a werewolf, Mr Farrar as the Joker and I went as the demented clown. We also had a couple of guest appearances from Henry L and Barnaby de la B who were excellent and energetic monsters. Thankfully there were some staff uninfected and Mrs Phillips, Miss Phillips and Miss Southam helped the boys and girls in their quest. The boys and girls all admitted they had been suitably scared on the evening and thoroughly enjoyed the tuck they got to calm the fears and help revitalise themselves from any zombie scars they may have received.

The games on the Sunday evening were a laugh. The evening started with the children entering the catwalk in front of their mysterious peers to cheers and clapping with the best costumes receiving a handful of sweets.


Well done to Amber H who won the best dressed competition in her spooky ghostlike outfit with a pale and frightening doll. Onto the traditional apple bobbing with S. Anselm’s twist. Here the boarders raced head to head to bite an apple out of the water and then into a bowl of flour to retrieve one of the spiders. You must look at the pictures to see the mess created. Such fun! Earlier on in the week we carved pumpkins, there was some really creative carving.

The guessing of human remains was a favourite. The pupils took it in turn to fondle the various human remains. They loved it and the screams and terrors let off when they felt the brains (mashed banana), eyeballs (peeled grapes in jelly), intestines (spaghetti), dry bones (pretzels), skin (dried orange peel). What a great evening and a brilliant finale to what has been a most enjoyable Halloween!!