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Boarding Report 30th January

Boarding Report 30th January

Although not the best week for sport and matches the boarders have certainly taken advantage of the snow.

Over the course of the week the boarders have had the opportunity to head over the road to the
‘S. Anselm’s Sledging Hill’, which has a fantastic slope down to the wall (or for the more daring into the steep bowl). Mr Wood, Mrs Elvin, Mr Farrar and Mr Wittmann have been “supervising” the slopes all week ensuring safety at all times.

This weekend has been great fun. On Saturday afternoon in free time the boarders got together for an indoor cricket tournament. The player with the most runs at the end of the 2 hour session was in for an extra 10p tuck…..well done this week to William D who was this week’s winner, batting well against some quick Year 7 and 8 bowlers. That evening the boarders settled into Saturday Night Treat: films, popcorn and for some, card games, ensured an excellent evening.

The Sunday morning lie in was much enjoyed and the Full English was much appreciated. After breakfast the Year 8 boarders were excited to waltz into Bakewell with their £1 pocket money. Marcus C and Jack P were given the small bargain-hunting task of extending the Year 7&8 and Junior DVD collection and managed to get 4 DVDs for £4 in the local charity shops.

The other boarders then had the option of a 5 a side football tournament with Mr Shepherd or Yoga in the library with Mrs Stansfield. Yoga has really taken off this term and it is great to see boys and girls, young and old stretching their bodies and relaxing their minds.

Toasties and soup for lunch and then we headed over to Sheffield for the afternoon’s activity, Archery. Some had been before but soon enough we split the 32 boarders into two groups. The first group did well, George L was the shot of the day with several arrows hitting the Gold Rings. Mr Phillips was also on fine form as the arrows flew toward the targets. Whilst the first group were firing arrows the other group went on a nice walk over the moor before coming back for hot chocolate before their archery started.

The first group were lucky enough to have George L in their group who kindly invited us to his home “just 5 minutes away” for some sledging and hot chocolate. Thank you very much to Mr and Mrs Ludlam who welcomed us with open arms. The boarders ran up into the field where the snow was soft but with an icy (and extremely fast) layer on top. 5 sledges kept the boarders occupied. Kyle C decided to go down backwards, which ended in a small backflip and a grind down to the bottom of the slope. We were then all invited for hot chocolate next to the aga.

Sunday supper was, as always, delightful. It was great to see parents, grandparents and siblings come to join the boarders for roast beef, yorkshire puddings and all the trimmings. Letters home and an early night.

A fabulous weekend!!!