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Boarding Report 8th February 2015

Boarding Report 8th February 2015

A Wonderful Weekend with a Wintery Walk

After a busy week of work and sport the boarders were extremely excited for the Six Nations. England v Wales was the first match of the series and the boys and girls all dressed down, brought duvets and pillows to the Hargreaves Hall and were nestled in for what was an excellent evening. The England team could surely hear the shouts and screams as they entered an impressive Millenium Stadium. Surprisingly as a Wales supporter Mr Phillips didn’t turn up. England didn’t let us down with a pleasing victory, which made the atmosphere even more buzzing then it already was.

On Saturday the day went quickly, no doubt with all of the boarders still on a high after the England match. Nelsons won the Girls’ House Netball with our House Wellingtons coming 3rd. The Boys’ House football matches were unfortunately cancelled due to frozen ground and unplayable pitches but instead played a Six Nations football tournament. With six teams and six excellent captains, including a very patriotic French captain in Darius B. England, captained by Thomas W, eventually beat France in the final after the game went to penalties. Everyone was getting excited as they knew it was tuck night and Saturday night treat. The year sevens and eights settled down in the Hargreaves Hall to watch War of the Worlds and the juniors watched Spy Kids in the sky TV room.

On Sunday we woke up to a full English breakfast after a well-deserved lie in. The year 8s enjoyed their £1 pocket money and dashed down to Bakewell where they visited the new and very posh sweet shop and came back up to join the rest of the boarders in a Uni-hock tournament umpired by Mrs Dinnigan and Mrs Hunter. We had an early lunch and were joined by the Junior Choir who were heading down to Shrewsbury to partake in the ‘Ahoy’ production. After lunch and a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday for Jacky P we set out on a walk led by Mr Hunter from School, down through Ashford along the river and up to the Monsal Head.

It was a glorious walk at the start and some very amusing incidents. ‘One of the funniest moments of my school life’ said Arthur L, referring to William D, who had fallen behind at the back of the group. We got some cracking photos of the children with the Llamas but as all of the children had got through the field and over the style the path was suddenly cut off by the intrigued llamas. William was still in the field, now worried as to how to get over the fence. He flinched, which caused the llamas to flinch, he then ran which caused the llamas to follow. Highly scary for William but highly amusing for the rest of the group. In the end Mr Wood accompanied William over the fence where he was greeted by his peers in stitches. ‘I have never seen William scared in his whole life’, said best friend Archie P.

After a couple of hours we saw the lights of the Monsal Head. Hands were cold as we braced the wintery winds over the hills and we headed for the lights. It was perfect, we went into the country pub at the back for 35 hot chocolates and enjoyed the live music that was on. George L and Arthur L both accompanied the singer songwriter on the tambourine and we sang our hearts out to ‘Hey Jude’ and ‘Don’t look back in anger’ and of course another Happy Birthday with gusto!

A great weekend!

By Arthur and George L (Year 7)