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Careers Lecture - at the Bar.

Careers Lecture - at the Bar.

Being a BarrristerFor the third instalment of Kinder’s careers programme, Mrs Walmisley kindly came in to do a talk about being a barrister. To give a feel for the profession, the students had pre-read a few documents outlining a claim made by Little Red Riding Hood against the woodcutter for failing in his contractual duties!

This was expanded on the day with witness questioning. An in-depth discussion outlined the strategies that a barrister could use in court to expose irregularities with a witness, which the students tried out. Thomas T did a great job with his questioning and George W enjoyed his role as Little Red Riding Hood!

Being a Barrister   Being a Barrister

Everyone had an amazing morning, including the handful of Year 8s who also came to watch. Thank you very much, Mrs Walmisley, for such an amazing session!

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