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College Visit to Rutlands.co.uk

College Visit to Rutlands.co.uk

On Thursday morning, the College was kindly invited to visit Rutlands.co.uk to get a demonstration of how to run a successful online business.

After the short minibus ride to Deepdale Business Park we were met by Mr Taberner, who gave a fun and engaging talk on how to approach coordinating such a business. Rutlands specialises in selling the highest quality tools and equipment all over the world so Kinder learnt about predicting the future market, sourcing new products, arranging shipping and storage, marketing and then packaging and sending the orders!

A highlight was a competition in the warehouse, where three teams competed to collate an order by navigating the many aisles of shelves. From here, they had to pack the orders neatly and safely in an appropriately sized box and seal it ready for delivery. They were scored on all of these elements and they found that most of the groups had made little mistakes with each stage. It was a fantastic exercise which highlighted the importance of accuracy and attention to detail at all times.


This was a brilliant way to round off the Enterprise sessions that Kinder have had and they look forward to taking this a step further next year when they think about setting up their own businesses. Thank you to Rutlands.co.uk and Mr Taberner for such an amazing half day.

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