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Crazy Golf in Sheffield

Crazy Golf in Sheffield

Sunday saw most of the boarders taking full advantage of the lie in, before a sumptuous full English breakfast. The Year 8s then went to spend their £1 pocket money in Bakewell; before our party of 27 pupils and 4 staff set off for Centertainment in Sheffield.

The staff at ‘Paradise Island Adventure Golf’ were very impressed with the politeness and conduct of our Boarders, saying we were the easiest group they had ever had to deal with! After our packed lunch we were on the course in small groups to meet the varied challenges of the two courses of 18 holes.

The Boarders play Crazy Golf

Everyone enjoyed both courses, with the golf adventure taking us from the boat at the Caribbean Quay, through mysterious sea caves before being marooned on a desert island full of exotic palm trees and mystical jungle ruins! It truly was an adventure like no other, with us seeing exotic animals, statues and carvings along the way. There were several holes in one from the Boarders and staff; and a great deal of fun was had by all.

There was just time to pop into the golden arches (’McDonald’s) for a McFlurry before travelling back to Bakewell in time for Mr Percival’s choir practice and the 5pm church service. A delicious roast lamb dinner awaited us on return from church, before some letter writing and a relaxing evening. Thanks to Mr Watt, Miss Southam and Miss Phillips for assisting me with this fun day.