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Boarders' Debating Evening

Boarders' Debating Evening

This House believes Britain should remain as part of Europe was the popular topic chosen by the 14 volunteers for the inaugural debating supper. The children were put in to teams and it was down to rock, paper and scissors to decide whether their team would propose or oppose the motion. The pupils were given four days to research and put together their arguments. Each speaker had 5 minutes a in which they could put their arguments forward or indeed rebut their opposition.

It was wonderful to see pupils ranging from Year 3 right up to Year 8 partaking in the debate. Whether their job was to brush up on a topic ready to answer any questions fired at them or whether they had an instrumental part in forming a rebuttal argument they all played their part. We had some wonderful speakers and special mention was made for Thomas G who really structured his arguments clearly, had a good background knowledge and brought his views across convincingly. He got the ‘Debater of the Evening Award’. My thanks go to Mr Phillips who gave the children an inspiring insight into the history of Europe and how important these decisions are to the future of our country. Mr Shepherd and Miss Woolley adjudicated alongside Mr Phillips superbly, and in between speeches we enjoyed our main course, profiteroles and lemonade, giving the pupils time to form their rebuttal arguments.

The adjudicators ruled in favour of the Opposition and so ‘this House now believes Britain should leave Europe’. Interestingly after the debate had concluded, 90% of our pupils believed Britain should remain in the EU.                                                                                                                                               BW