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Derwent embark on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition

Derwent embark on their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition

On Friday, Derwent (Year 10) set off on their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Bronze practice expedition.

The pupils have spent the last few weeks planning the expedition in their groups, including choosing their own routes and planning their meals. On the first day they walked from Matlock to Birchover, making observations of wildlife along the way. They camped at Barn Farm in Birchover, where they cooked their own meals – with camp cuisine ranging from spaghetti hoops and hot dogs to tortellini, finished off with a slice of Aisha’s birthday cake! Barn Farm’s resident peacocks made an interesting addition to the local fauna – though their constant, noisy calling might not have inspired a lasting love of ornithology!
On day two the groups packed up camp and hiked onwards to Over Haddon, taking in the beauty of the Lathkill Dale along the way. The weather was truly British with rain, sunshine and just about everything in between.

This was the first time the groups had undertaken an entirely self-supported expedition and with their rucksacks ranging from 11 to 17kg they have hopefully learned a valuable lesson in packing light for next time. They completed the expedition with minimal input from staff who feel confident to allow them to progress to the qualifying expedition from June 9-10th.

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