S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

Drama at S. Anselm's

Drama plays an important role in life at S. Anselm’s in terms of both the fantastic productions we put on and in developing confident, creative individuals through their weekly drama lessons.

The first rate facilities of Hargreaves Hall enable children of all age groups to display their talent during the year in one of the three termly productions. Whether performing in musicals or straight dramas, working back-stage or operating lights, pupils will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of production during their time at
S. Anselm’s.

Drama lessons are designed to develop pupils’ skills and confidence whilst also learning through the medium of drama to enhance other areas of the curriculum. Pupils will work alongside their teacher both in and out of role, following sustained stories, critical issues or exploring themes and ideas whilst utilising a range of drama strategies. Working closely with other departments and staff, we find ways to link the learning from the classroom and bring it alive through drama where possible.

During their time at S. Anselm’s, we expect pupils to, of course, be developing their confidence and performance abilities, but also their social, co-operative, thinking and reflection skills. Whether the setting for the drama is based around the slave trade, Little Red Riding Hood, justice or life on a future planet, pupils will be engaging in critical debate, contributing to practical ideas, responding to Teacher-in-Role and solving problems within a fictional context.

Budding scholars will also have opportunity to enhance their skills through the Drama Enrichment group. We have a good track record of helping talented performers obtain awards to their next school and last year was no exception with Drama Scholarships to Malvern, Repton and forming part of the all-rounder Thring Award to Uppingham.

Pupils also have opportunity to perfect their speaking and listening skills by taking up the opportunities to get involved with LAMDA lessons and the English Speaking Board programme of activities.

Drama at S. Anselm’s provides the perfect opportunity for pupils to have some fun, express themselves and explore their own, and each other’s creativity.