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Exciting Animals Visit Year 2

Exciting Animals Visit Year 2

Year 2 were treated to a visit from Mr and Mrs Farrell, with their interesting assortment of pets.

First we looked at the poisonous dart frog, in her mock rainforest home and learned all about her natural habitat. Mrs Farrell explained that it’s what the frog eats that actually makes it’s skin poisonous to touch. Thankfully, as her frog doesn’t eat such food, she is safe to touch, but she stayed safely in her home and we looked at her through the glass, and were impressed by her colourful markings.

 Then we met the tortoise, called Treacle, which had been rescued and had been in a very poor condition, when it first went to live with them. She is now thriving, having received the proper care and attention that she needed. The children learnt that she was a reptile and a cold blooded animal.

After this we looked at an African pigmy hedgehog. The children were fascinated to see how she protects herself from predators, by rolling into a ball and shaking her spines at any potential enemies.


Finally, Mr Farrell talked to the children about how to care for a pet. Many of the children in the class evidently have pets, and suggested some great ideas of how to keep a pet safe and healthy. We met their pet dog, Attley who enjoyed (!) having his leg bandaged and his heart rate taken.

The children thoroughly enjoyed meeting all of the animals, and we thank Mr and Mrs Farrell for taking the time to come to see us today.