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Fantastic Mr Fox - Junior Forms Production

Fantastic Mr Fox - Junior Forms Production

This year’s junior production was the Roald Dahl classic ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. Much loved for generations - it certainly created a buzz when auditions took place and parts were cast late last year. Scripts distributed, props list written and face paint purchased…rehearsals got underway! The weekly production extras usually began with warm-up activities to really focus on the drama, movement & action of the play. Favourite games included ‘bungalow’, ‘5 shake’ & ‘cross this space’ which enabled children to think about acting & reacting in a performance space. Pupils also spent time thinking carefully about the personalities, friendships and backgrounds of their characters to really bring them to life on stage. 

Many of the pupils had a huge amount of lines to learn - so a big thank you to all parents who were no doubt lip-syncing along during the show last week! As show-time drew nearer excitement levels grew as costumes were fitted (Thank you Mrs Seddon), props were gathered (Thank you Mr Robinson and Miss Phillips), sound and lighting sorted (Thank you Mr Feldman), fox-hole built (Thank you Mrs Bennion & team!) and programme cover competitions announced. Rehearsals became more intense as we strived to put on a play as fantastic as its title….speaking up, slowing down, engaging & entertaining our audience.


And then it was time…all the line-learning, expressive speaking and stage blocking came together as FANTASTIC MR FOX was performed before a packed audience in Hargreaves Hall.  Year 3 clucked and wiggled their way through Boggis’ chicken house. Year 4 narrated the story & took on roles of woodland animals (Fantastically face-painted by Mrs Elvin & her team – thank you!) Year 5 showcased some amazing talents in leading roles as Foxes & Farmers! And the entire cast also learnt a brilliant new song penned by Mr Percival & Mrs Dinnigan to conclude a fantastic show.  The show was a resounding success full of energy and a real joy to watch – a huge well done to all junior forms & their teachers!

A professionally filmed DVD of the production is still available to order, if you didn’t get chance on the performance night. Please let the school office know by 18th March if you would like one. 

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