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First Kinder Careers Lecture

First Kinder Careers Lecture

Kinder have started off their new careers programme with a bang! Mr Manning kindly (and bravely!) was the first person to present a careers talk to the College about accountancy in business.

After explaining his background and the different roles that accountants have, the pupils got some hands on practice with managing money. To begin with, the pupils deconstructing several pillows in order to see what they were made of. They then discussed how these components would change depending upon who the target market is. This was followed by an elaborate role play which simulated a business borrowing money, renting factory space, buying components, paying staff and then selling goods. This gave a fantastic overview of the importance of cash flow in business and how this is different to profit.

Accountancy in business Careers Lecture Accountancy Careers Lecture

Everyone had an amazing and informative time and the College sends its most sincere thanks to Mr Manning for organising such a brilliant careers lecture.

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