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Golf, Bowling and Euros

Golf, Bowling and Euros

A huge well done to all of the Year 8s for finishing their exams! They have worked so hard over the past few terms in preparation for their Common Entrance. Now they can enjoy their last few weeks of School and prepare for their Senior Play Production and Isle of Wight Tour.

What a tremendous start to the Southern Hemisphere Rugby Tour on Saturday. We witnessed a cracking game between England and Australia. The boys and girls who watched it after games on Saturday thoroughly enjoyed the spectacle. A 39-28 win for England in Brisbane meant spirits were high, although this was soon dampened by the English football XI in their opening game against Russia in the Euros. At least Alex E and Vladimir P went to bed happy! Those less interested in the rugby and football were able to watch a film in the Library with popcorn and lemonade.

Sadly the torrential rain meant that Sports Day and the Parent and Child Golf Day were cancelled. Mr Shepherd had also arranged to take the interested boys and girls to go and see Derbyshire v Yorkshire Cricket at Chesterfield but age and wisdom paid off as he delayed purchasing the tickets with the poor forecast. One over was bowled in the match, a maiden by Tim Bresnan but that is all that they would have seen as the game was abandoned after just one over. Instead the boys and girls enjoyed a highly competitive dodgeball match in the sports hall. Harry T, Arthur L, Mr Wood and Mr Robinson went to play golf and were fortunate to miss most of the rain.

After lunch some of the children continued building their balsa wood aeroplanes with Mr Watt while the rest enjoyed some free time. At 2pm they all boarded the minibuses to go bowling in Chesterfield. Arthur L got 4 strikes in a row and from being on just 22 points after 6 bowls he finished on 135. It also recorded the speed of the bowling ball as the children attempted to bowl as fast as they could sending the skittles flying. Others tried to record the slowest possible ball at 1.7kph.

Despite the rain many parents joined us for a delicious roast lamb supper last night. After dessert song sheets were handed out and we enjoyed a rousing rendition of ‘500 miles’ accompanied by the Ukulele group, led by Mr Robinson.

A great weekend and next week the Year 8s head off to the Isle of Wight on Tour. Boarding places are filling up for next year and so please let Mr Wood know if your child/children would like a bed for next year. Could I also please remind parents that all items of clothes and bedding must be named; there are a lot of unnamed clothes creeping in!