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A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

Haddon Hall, Boarders Feast and Boarders Got Talent

Haddon Hall, Boarders Feast and Boarders Got Talent

Boarders Feast

I simply cannot believe just how quickly this term has gone. The boys and girls have achieved so much over the course of the term and in the boarding we are delighted to see more and more flexi and full boarders coming in. The atmosphere in suppers and the activities is quite specially led by a very impressive Year 8 group.

Boarders Got Talent

It was another superb weekend and although blustery we are far more fortunate than those struggling in the Lake District with the flooding. Friday night saw 60 boarders in for Boarders Got Talent. The judges were on top form and enjoyed the different array of acts from Neville W and Tom H-S playing the trombone and microwave superbly to secure silver to Alex E and Matthew W who put together their own risqué skit, which was enough to take the gold! The “talent” certainly did not lack confidence with boarders of all ages taking to the stage in front of their peers and staff performing great dance routines, songs and sketches. A huge thank you to Louis Walsh (Mr Shepherd), Cheryl Cole (Mrs Donnelly), Gary Barlow (Mr Mortimer) and Simon Cowell (Mr Phillips) for judging the acts and passing comments to the applause and boos of the crowd. A special mention must also go to Mr Robinson who coordinated the rehearsing and running of the show, a great job as always!

Haddon Hall

On Sunday the boarders rose to a delicious Full English, which set us up for the day ahead. We did not know that at 12 o’clock the boarders would all be Tudor Dancing in Haddon Hall and gambling Tudor style in the great hall. It was a wonderful morning and the choir sang beautifully in the small chapel, where the Tudor wall pictures told us the quite scary story of St Nicholas. Haddon Hall is such a special place and the boarders thoroughly enjoyed looking around the hall, seeing the Tudor kitchens in action for the first time in hundreds of years before heading back to S. Anselm's for lunch. A relaxing afternoon of films and a sports hall session before we all donned our Christmas Jumpers ready for the …

 Boarders’ Feast

Christmas FeastThe clock struck 6.30pm, the bells rang and the staff sung in the boarders accompanied by Will D and Sam U on their trumpets for mocktails and canapés. There was a festive mood and with the Library full of children singing with gusto we lifted the roof for what promised to be a raucous evening. 54 invites had been sent to those boarders who spend more time boarding than they do at home for what many boarders past and present believe to be ‘the best evening of the year’. The dining room had been decorated with three long tables. The table plan was set and we all stood graciously behind our places as Tom H, our longest serving boarders read Grace.

Roast beef and Yorkshire Puddings was the children’s choice of meal with the head of each tableChristmas Feast carving the deliciously prepared joints. Every now and again the bell would chime as the next act was called for. Plenty of ad hoc songs were sung and Arthur E sang superbly his favourite French Christmas Song and Rafa A and Marta C sang the Spanish equivalent. Dancing on tables was not uncommon and we spent the evening in such good company, the boarders really are special here and provide a magical atmosphere. Lizzie Christmas FeastR, our youngest full boarder, thanked the kitchen ladies for all of their hard work this term before the Year 8s took themselves off to sing the 12 Days of Christmas. There is nothing like it in the world I am sure. Head of School House Toby de la B was the token chicken following in his brothers footsteps as we lifted the roof with our singing.

Pudding was soon upon us. The challenge was sent and forth came Will D, Max H and Matthew W who took on the profiterole eating competition. No stopping and no licking of lips, the last to be eating would be the winner. In the interest of health and safety we won’t say how many profiteroles were consumed by these three but I can announce that the winner of the profiterole eating competition 2015 is….(drum roll please) Will D!

Eating Profiteroles

The boys and girls thanked the staff as they cleared their plates before more singing, gifts and Secret Santa. The boarders had to spend up to £5 on their secret Santa, it worked superbly! A wonderful term and a magical night to celebrate the boarders!!