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Happy New Year Go Karting

Happy New Year Go Karting

Welcome back all and a very happy New Year to all of the boarders and their families! Lent term is always a funny term with the weather turning bitterly cold, although the cold front has only really appeared in the last 24 hours or so….a good sign for those going skiing. Parents will be pleased to hear that the Year 8s have worked hard towards their Mock Common Entrance exams and we wish them well this week.

Saturday saw the first fixture of term with the boys’ hockey playing at the Foremarke tournament. The boys played well and fought right to the end. There was much positive and although some of the hockey schools were tough opposition we held our own and certainly deserved the draw against Solihull.

MatildaRogue NationSaturday evening the junior boarders watched Matilda together accompanied with popcorn and lemonade. The Year 7s were excited as they are now able to watch certified 12 rated films and they enjoyed the most recent Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. A great evening was had by all and we all went to bed excited for Go Karting the next day.

We woke up to a glorious crisp morning. Fortunately the wet forecast was wrong and we ate our full English breakfasts with glimpses of sun coming through the windows. After all brushing our teeth the Year 8s took their £1 pocket money down to Bakewell before we departed to Swains Go Karting near Buxton.

Go Karting

We opted for the Endurance race which meant we had 7 teams with 7 karts with about 4 per team. The Go Flag was flown and the karts were off. The karts went around the track for 70 minutes with a pit stop every 5 minutes or so to swap drivers. In the end team 5 won – William Dobson getting the best lap time flying down the straights and drifting round the corners. It was cold but everyone had a great time. Well done to those who have never go karted before. Goodluck and Hillary were fantastic although they didn’t quite know how the brakes worked and so a brief red flag was flown, meaning the race came to a halt as the race marshalls retrieved Hillary and replaced the 3 sets of tyres she had driven through. We had a great presentation in the Log Fire cabin as we warmed up and ate our lunch.

Go Karting Go Karting

On arrival back to School the Year 8s went off with Mrs Taylor for some revision as Year 7 and the Junior boarders enjoyed an hour in the swimming pool with Miss Flack and Mr Wood being dragged around the edges with the woggles, making float boats and battling it out in shoulder wars.

At 5pm we all went down to Church for a thoughtful service with Canon Tony on ‘Changes’. Toby, Francesca, Hattie, Tom H and the readers read with confidence and all sang well. Thank you to Mrs Seddon for putting the service together and to Mr Percival who kindly gives up his Sunday evenings to play the piano for us.

A well-attended Sunday Supper was delicious and the perfect way to round off a wonderful weekend. Letter writing and a quiet evening followed. This coming week is busy with mocks and the skiers can all get excited, especially as the cold weather has certainly arrived in the Alps. With forecasters suggesting -18 degrees on the Friday before arrival so wrap up warm skiers!

There is much for the boarding community to look forward to. Next weekend a group is going off for a 5 hour mountain biking tour around Peak District with Hit for the Hills guides while the others go bowling. On the Monday after Exeat it is Burns Night and we will be going the whole hog with Haggis and we have booked a Ceilidh Band for the evening to Scottish Dance the night away.