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House Swimming Gala - The Results!

House Swimming Gala - The Results!


This year’s swimming galas took place on the morning of Friday 23rd May, comprising of four back to back galas; the first being for the Juniors (Years 3 and 4), then the Pre-Prep (Reception, Years 1 and 2), followed by the Middles (Years 5 and 6) and culminating in the Seniors (Years 7 and 8). All in all approximately 187 pupils competed in the four galas and between them swam a total of 115 events, including individual events, medley and inter-house freestyle relays.


This was the first year that Reception had been involved in the house galas and all of them impressed, swimming incredibly well and along with the rest of the Pre-Prep, were not phased by the occasion, or large number of supporters there to cheer them on, well done everybody.


The Juniors were the first to start and did very well to be in school, registered, changed and ready to start their gala at 8.30am. They also all swam well and relished the opportunity to swim in front of the supporters, giving them all plenty to cheer and clap about, super swimming everyone.


The Middles once again were on form, enabling us to get through their 29 events smoothly and keep to time. The supporters also thoroughly enjoyed this gala and lots of the races were really closely contested, giving them all plenty to cheer about. We took the opportunity to publically congratulate our eight super swimmers who had finished 6th overall in the UK in the IAPS National Swimming Finals, in the Small Schools Freestyle Relay and all of them enjoyed their moment in the spotlight, great Mexican wave guys!


This year the slickest gala award went to the Seniors, and despite starting ten minutes late and the majority of their races being over two lengths, the Years 7 and 8 pulled together, enabling us to be five minutes ahead of schedule by the close of the gala, well done! The competitors and supporters all worked overtime to cheer the swimmers on, with all thoroughly enjoying the occasion. At the end we were able to applaud Tara O’R our other National IAPS Swimming Finalist on her superb achievements in Crawley in the Breast Stroke Individual event.   


All of the pupils in the Pre-Prep swam in at least two relay events; whilst those in Years 3 through to 8 swam in a front crawl race, with the standard in this stroke really impressing. The Prep pupils also competed in at least one other race from individual back crawl, breast stroke and butterfly events, along with medley relays for boys and girls. The Pre-Prep Gala culminated in a 6 length multi-stroke relay; whilst each of the Prep. Galas finished with the inter-house freestyle relay, which involved everybody in the house swimming at least one length, with the longest of these races involving teams of 14 swimmers. With a cup at stake for the winning team, this event ensured each gala finished on a real high. Medals were awarded to every swimmer of each event, excluding the inter-house relay this year and medals were also awarded in the presentations to the overall fastest boys and girls for each stroke in the individual races. The full results for each gala, including the names and times of the fastest medal winners are listed below:


Prep-Prep Gala:

20m Front Crawl Relay – Churchills – Sebastian R, Beth P, Oliver G, Zara B, Charles W, Holly K

10m Hoop Relay – Churchills – Bruno F, Ben W, Isabella M, Oliver G, Charlie P, Neville W

10m Board Relay – Pitts – Amelie P, Jack G, Finley T, Alice C, Sophia H, Oliver G

20m Multi-Stroke Relay – Churchills - Sebastian R, Ruby B, Beth P, Holly K, Charles W, Zara B

Overall Results – 1st Churchills, 56 points; 2nd Pitts, 44 points; 3rd Nelsons, 32 points; 4th Wellingtons, 28 points.


Junior Gala:

Boys 20m Front Crawl – Sam U, 13.40

Girls 20m Front Crawl – Daisy L, 14.34

Boys 20m Back Crawl – George H, 20.71

Girls 20m Back Crawl – Amelia E, 18.87

Boys 20m Breast Stroke – Sam U, 19.56

Girls 20m Breast Stroke – Amelia E, 20.09

Boys Medley Relay – Pitts – Sam U, Henry P, Louis B, Kerem K – 1.35

Girls Medley Relay – Churchills – Isobel E, Libby C, Amelia E, Isobel E – 1.24

Inter-House Freestyle Relay, Winners of Stuart Cup – Nelsons – Alice W, Hector M, Libby F, Alex D, Thomas H, Rosie M, Georgina T, Charlotte W, Kyle C

Overall Results – 1st Wellingtons, 144 points; 2nd Churchills, 134 points; 3rd Pitts, 114 points; 4th Nelsons, 100 points.


Middles Gala:

Boys 40m Front Crawl – Shea J, 27.31

Girls 40m Front Crawl – Charlotte H, 27.80

Boys 20m Butterfly – Shea J, 15.10

Girls 20m Butterfly – Flora K, 15.66

Boys 20m Back Crawl – Russell F, 17.66

Girls 20m Back Crawl – Rosie W, 17.98

Boys 20m Breast Stroke – George L, 18.59

Girls 20m Breast Stroke – Annie M, 17.09

Boys Medley Relay – Pitts – Will U, Toby de la B, James C, Adam S – 1.17

Girls Medley Relay – Wellingtons – Ursula-Marie H, Eloise S, Iona C, Jimena G – 1.18

Inter-House Freestyle Relay, Winners of Neary Cup – Wellingtons – Arthur L, Thomas H, Charlotte H, Jimena G, George L, Jack W, Iona C, Jack B, Russell F, Ursula-Marie H, Toby G, George L, Eloise S, Russell F

Overall Results – 1st Wellingtons, 212 points; 2nd Pitts, 176 points; 3rd Churchills, 170 points; 4th Nelsons, 104 points.


Senior Gala:

Boys 40m Front Crawl – Sam W, 25.56

Girls 40m Front Crawl – Tara O’R, 29.15

Boys 20m Butterfly – Sam W, 13.69

Girls 20m Butterfly – Grace T, 17.43

Boys 40m Back Crawl – Angus E, 36.81

Girls 40m Back Crawl – Lily H, 36.35

Boys 40m Breast Stroke – Sam W 34.81

Girls 40m Breast Stroke – Tara O’R, 34.01

Boys Medley Relay – Churchills – Ludo L, Angus E, Sam W, Toby C – 1.06

Girls Medley Relay – Nelsons – Sophie C, Tara O’ R, Livi BD, Lexi BD – 1.12

Inter-House Freestyle Relay, Winners of Alexander Cup – Churchills – Mia C, Toby C, Angus E, Ludo L, Immy N, George T, Miriam A, Sam W, Thomas W.

Overall results – 1st Nelsons, 170 points; 2nd Churchills, 166 points; 3rd Wellingtons, 140 points; 4th Pitts, 118 points.


Combined Totals From All Four Galas:

1ST – CHURCHILLS, 526 points – Winners of Anderson Swimming Cup

2ND – WELLINGTONS, 524 points

3RD – PITTS, 452 points

4TH – NELSONS, 406 points.


A huge thank you to all of the S. Anselm’s staff for their contributions towards these galas – from the facilities team who helped to prepare the pool; catering team who provided the ongoing refreshments for supporters and swimmers throughout the morning and teaching staff, who assisted either poolside or behind the scenes, enabling us to keep to the tight time schedules throughout the morning. Thanks also to everybody who came to support at the galas; the atmosphere poolside was phenomenal for each gala and your positive support was really appreciated by each of the competitors; and finally thanks to all of the swimmers who all gave us so much to cheer about. We are looking to introduce more swimming galas and have already confirmed one for next term against another school!



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