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In creative spirit: Year 6 visit the Yorkshire Scupture Park

In creative spirit: Year 6 visit the Yorkshire Scupture Park

On Monday 12th June, Year 6 enjoyed a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The day began with a walk around the park and the opportunity to draw from the fantastic sculptures. These included some by Barbara Hepworth, Anthony Caro and Sophie Ryder.

The children analysed shape and detail in the sculptures to influence their own ideas later. They were then introduced to the concepts and theories behind the artists’ work and asked to analyse and identify key features, before having the chance to ask questions about why and how the artist had worked in that particular way.


After lunch, it was time for group work. Each group was given a title taken from old sculptures that used to be in the park and worked on creating a sculpture in response to their particular title. Pupils chose their materials from a large selection of wooden blocks, plastic tubing, tubs, tyres and much more. Their outcomes were all well thought out and gave everyone the opportunity to engage in teamwork and collaboration. Pupils explained their creative ideas to the rest of the group and shared feedback.

Well done to Year 6 for your creative thinking skills!

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