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Inventions Week February 2016

Inventions Week February 2016


The Junior Forms entertained and educated the whole school during assembly on Friday.  They had spent the week deciding which 20th century invention they thought was the most important and presented their ideas and inventions to the whole school on Friday.  Inventions included the telephone, paper, antibiotics, x-rays, cars and aeroplanes.

inventions week Inventions Week 2016 Inventions Week 2016

The children researched their inventions and many made models of them or the actual thing (e.g. paper).  The presentations were lively and imaginative, many included film clips and role play. 

Inventions Week 2016 Inventions Week 2016 Inventions Week 2016

Following the presentations there was a whole-school vote and the winner was the car, closely followed in 2nd place by antibiotics.  The children found the week challenging, but thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and have learnt a lot.


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