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It's all Greek to me!

It's all Greek to me!

It’s all Greek to me

On 10th June, Year 5 ventured back in time to Ancient Greece.
As part of our History topic, we immersed ourselves in a morning of Greek culture.

Children (and teachers) dressed in traditional Ancient Greek costume for the event-and how splendid everyone looked.


The morning began with groups of children studying, planning and designing large scale Grecian pots.

This was interspersed by the children entertaining us with their play scripts, adapted by themselves in English work, of a number of Greek myths.

They were fabulous to watch, having a mixture of history, amazing characters, a variety of props and surreal comedy.

Just before morning break, a buffet feast of salads, honey, dates, olives, feta cheese, Greek breads, various dips and a refreshing goblet of Schloer were all well received.

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