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Junior Forms Maths Investigation Morning

Junior Forms Maths Investigation Morning

Friday 13th November was Maths Investigation Morning in the Junior Forms!

This year the children were split into groups of three with a Year 3, 4 and 5 pupil in each group to encourage them to co-operate and work together.The children’s mathematical brains were then challenged with a variety of different activities created by the Junior Forms’ teachers.

Maths investigationMr Robinson set a ‘Pentomino Challenge’ which involved making 12 different shapes by joining 5 squares together. Pupils used cubes to create their ideas. Once they had discovered all the different ways, the final challenge was to try and fit all the 12 pentominoes together to form a rectangle. This final challenge baffled a few teams but, if time had allowed, we feel sure some would have succeeded!

Maths Investigation

Maths investigationMrs Corner and Mrs Elvin used the Sports Hall as their base to host a ‘Mathematical Treasure Hunt’. In their groups, the children had to solve a series of maths puzzles and then hunt for the answer which would lead them on to the next clue. Some helped to solve the puzzles whilst others dashed around hunting for the following puzzle. A high energy activity which got the children buzzing.

IMaths Investigationn Mr Feldman’s classroom there was a problem solving activity linked to measuring. Each team were given a strip of paper which measured 42cm in length. Mr Feldman then cut the paper into two and the children had to try and devise a method to work out the length of each piece of paper…without using a ruler! Some used their fingers to estimate, some folded the paper into smaller sections to count accurately and others tried to work out how much longer one piece of paper was than the other. Congratulations to Alex D, Harriet M and Imogen N who managed to work out the two lengths to the exact millimetre!

Maths investigationWith the help of some top set maths students from Kinder, the morning passed by in a flash!


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