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Junior Forms Thinking Skills Day

Junior Forms Thinking Skills Day

Junior Forms Thinking Skills Day

On Thursday 29th January, the Junior Forms put on their thinking caps to try and fathom out a series of challenges. Mrs Elvin, Mrs Corner, Mr Robinson, Miss Flack, Miss Phillips & Miss Southam created 5 different activities for the teams to work together to try and resolve.

The main objective of Mrs Elvin’s task was to work as a team in order to build a polystyrene cup pyramid.  Each group had to move 10 cups using only string tied to an elastic band.  It was very interesting to see which groups communicated with each other, which groups remained calm and which did not blame individual members when something went wrong.  All groups managed to complete the task – some more united than others!

In Mrs Corner’s classroom, the first activity involved a game called “Hey Harry” which is a visual and memory game. Each time someone made a mistake they received a red spot and their name changed. Some children were superb and some made many mistakes -to the amusement of their peers!


The second activity included a range of quick questions such as “Describe the world’s first hiccup” and “Advantages and disadvantages of having an octopus as a lifeguard”. The children read out their answers and voted for the most original/entertaining answers.

Mr Robinson drew an interesting treasure map. The children were split into teams of 5 and were given 45 seconds to go outside the classroom to memorise sections of a map which contained abstract shapes, pictures, symbols, codes and information.

On returning to class, they had to reproduce what they could remember on large plain paper, whilst another two from the group went out to collect more information.

Communication about missing pieces of information was crucial.

The groups were marked on how close they were to the original. Well done to the winning team of Katie S, Gavin G, Alex D and Thomas H.

Miss Phillips and Miss Southam organised a treasure hunt. Each group was split up into three teams and were given clues hidden in anagrams that would lead them to different places around the school. At each point that they were sent to, the teams would find some pieces to a puzzle that they then had to put together. The puzzle pieces were in fact parts to a poem that had been jumbled up and needed re-ordering so that the poem made sense. Most teams did very well in recognising the order in which the poem should have gone through identifying rhymes and a general story line or theme, meaning they could find the beginning and end of the poems.

Miss Flack presented a variety of practical challenges in the sports hall that were also centred on a Treasure Island theme. First each team had to link hands in a circle and work together to climb through a hoop and into their ‘time machine’. Next they had to lower their time machine (otherwise known as a hoop!) gently to the ground using only their index fingers. It was hilarious watching the hoop rise in the air – the opposite to what the teams wanted to happen!

Once they had landed on an island (blue mat), it was rumoured a deadly pirate was going to steal all of their gold so they had to cross the shark infested waters (sports hall floor) to a new island using only a bridge (bench) and two mini islands (2 hoops).

A few shark-nibbled-toes later, the teams had reached their destination. Next they had to move their gold (yellow ball) over to the new island using only their feet. If the gold fell into the sea, then they had to start all over again.

The final challenge was to hide their gold in a hole by rolling it against a wall using only their feet.

Congratulations to group 2 who were the only group to complete all of the challenges successfully!

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