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Junior Forms' garden design project

Junior Forms' garden design project

On Tuesday 12th September the Junior Forms had a talk by local garden designer, Mary Wardle. This marks the start of a year-long project which will lead to a garden being created in an under-used area of the school grounds, below where the new Astro pitch will be.

Mary showed us a PowerPoint to inspire ideas and to suggest different ways of thinking and designing. Mary often starts the design process with getting to know the space, getting a feel for the place. She creates beautiful watercolour impressions as part of this process. She suggested the children consider practical things such as features in existence already that should be kept, the topography of the land and the way the sun falls on the garden.

After her talk Mary accompanied Year 5 and their teachers to have a good look at the area. We then had a fantastic session in which Year 5 generated initial ideas for the garden. We will now build on this great start in project time and in Art lessons. It is an exciting project - and with lots of hard work we hope to have a garden in place for summer time next year.

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