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Junior Forms production of Treasure Island

Junior Forms production of Treasure Island

TS. Anselm's Junior Production of Treasure Islandhere’s something fishy been going on in Junior Forms recently …. there have been children as young as 8 doing battle and yielding dangerous weapons  such as cutlasses, swords and pistols. I have noted pupils growling, scowling and dropping vowels and consonants around the place, replacing them with a consistent chorus of ‘Arrrhhh!’s and “Yo, ho, ho!”s. Finally, to top it all, there has even been talk of drinking on deck and a whispered rumour of a mutiny!?!?! Whatever has been going on, there’s one thing that is certain - there has definitely been the most amazing atmosphere, work-ethic, excitement and buzz going on if you should venture anywhere near the Junior Forms for the past few weeks!

The reason is, of course, the annual Junior Production which this year was the incredible classic story of ‘Treasure Island’, brilliantly adapted as a lively musical by Nick Perrin and Ruth Kenward.  This was a perfect blend of fun, adventure and pirate accents (some more successful than others!) and the children really did give us a show-stopping performance.

The energy, commitment and focus shown by all the cast has been outstanding this year and the songs, dance routines and acting on stage were delivered with a great deal of enthusiasm and enjoyment. Huge thanks to Mrs Dinnigan and Mr Percival (music), Mrs Seddon (costumes), Mrs Bennion (set and props), the group of parent helpers, Sophie C . and Amber H. (Hair and make-up), all the Junior Forms teachers and Hattie N. , Matthew W. and Francesca N. (stage management), Mr Wittmann (lights) and Marcus C. (sound). The biggest thanks, of course, has to go to the children who really did act their socks off, and yes, I genuinely did get goosebumps watching them perform their hearts out on Friday night! Well done to all involved!


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