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Junior House Football Matches

Junior House Football Matches

On a pleasant and windy mid-March Saturday the much anticipated Junior House Football took place. This year the tournament included the year sixes also. The tournament was played in good spirit with early signs of expansive and open football. In the first two games, Churchills faced Pitts, a game that proved to be a high quality start to the tournament. As the game went from end to end, Archie P managed to score two goals for Pitts with great individual efforts, and for Churchills, Henry W and Colin W scored two goals in reply as goals flew into the net from both sides. Churchills now had a lead but Pitts fought back. In the end the honours were even as the game could not decide a winner when the final whistle blew. On the Cope pitch, Nelsons faced up to Wellingtons, with the final score a convincing 3-0 to Wellingtons.

In the second round Nelsons faced Churchills. Nelsons were once again on the back foot from early on. As the Churchills rattled up seven goals, with Colin W and Henry W both bagging goals. This opened up the competition as a large crunch match between Wellingtons and Pitts. Wellingtons put up a brave fight, scoring early. Pitts were much too strong in the end, as Archie P and James C combined well to score and create chances as three goals hit the back of the Wellingtons net. At this point, with one game to go, Pitts were favourites as they were to face the weaker Nelsons in the final round. Churchills versus Wellingtons could also decide second place.

In the final round, as expected, Pitts scored nine goals against Nelsons to secure a healthy goal difference in their challenge for the title. On the first team pitch, Wellingtons played against Churchills. In a flowing, entertaining game of football the ball moved from end-to-end on the pitch Churchills took the early advantage as they raced into a five goal lead, just after half time. Wellingtons then began to fight back, but were unable to get close enough to challenge for the game, as the game finished 5-3 to Churchills. The results were then taken to the stats man Mr. Mortimer to work out the final outcomes.

In the final standings, Nelsons finished in fourth place, losing all three games but battling hard. The man of the tournament was Hugo H, for his impressive goalkeeping and work as the last line of defence. John B was also awarded the person who came closest to scoring with his impressive attacking work with nimble and precise footwork. Wellingtons finished in a hard-earned third place, with Max H as man of the tournament, as he defended fair and tough denying attacking threats consistently. George H was the top scorer. Due to goal difference, Churchills finished second. The points were equal on thirteen. Churchills played well, and Colin W earned man of the tournament with tough work and great attacking prowess. This created chances for the top scored, Henry W who finished very well. The victors due to goal difference were Pitts, who played an excellent brand of football with good work across the pitch. Integral to the victory, Henry H played a top role in central midfield, distributing and defending well. Up front, Archie P scored the most Pitts goals as his finishing and build up play was clinical and precise. Pitts were deserved champions as they just stole the tournament on goal difference.

Many thanks to all of the boys for such an enjoyable day and to the catering and grounds staff for ensuring the spectators were catered for and the pitches in such a great condition!

1st – Pitts

2nd – Churchills

3rd – Wellies

4th – Nelsons

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