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Kinder Trip to London May 2016

Kinder Trip to London May 2016

Kinder Excursion to London 12-13th May 2016

Kinder had a fabulous chance to further their studies in the Humanities during their trip to London on 12-13th May 2016.  We started our journey by travelling by train from Chesterfield to London and then used the London Underground and Docklands light Rail to investigate our capital city. But it didn’t stop there, as alighting at North Greenwich we made our final leg of the journey on the Emirates Cable Car.

In Kinder History we are looking at the social history of cities in the 19th Century and in particular we are focussing on the case of Jack the Ripper, as the conditions within parts of the city allowed the identity of the killer of five - or possibly six - women in the East End of London in 1888 to remain a mystery. To explore this topic we had two things organised: an interactive session at Victorian Galleries at the London Museum of the Docklands and an evening guided walk which we evoked the atmosphere of the area and era with the expertise of a guide who has written two acclaimed books on the Whitechapel Murders.    

After the guided walk we stayed in the area and celebrated Aisha R’s birthday in style on Brick Lane by having bartered for the best quality and value food we could find. Certainly it was quite different from our usual school fare!

Our second day had a Geography focus. Our present topic dovetails the work in History and it is also about cities, although the emphasis is on sustainable cities of the future rather than of the past. We visited The Crystal, a living example of green design, a sustainable cities initiative by Siemens, home to the world’s largest urban sustainability exhibition. The Crystal is located just next to our hotel on the Royal Victoria Quays. Our main target was the Zone: Forces of Change. This introduced the challenges of the future for cities, showing how demographic change, urbanization and climate change impact on all parts of people’s lives. It was a truly wonderful exhibition space and all benefitted from the interactive displays.  

We returned to school on Friday night, so these busy children, along with some Year 8s, could venture off to their diving weekend. We will be writing up our findings now in class, part by producing a video documentary and part by written analysis.

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