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College Careers Talk Series - Dairy Farming

College Careers Talk Series - Dairy Farming

Our College Friday Afternoon Careers Talk series kicked off straight away this term with a visit for Kinder to Mr Mycock’s dairy farm in Flagg on 6th January. We had a tour of the site and Mr Mycock discussed farming as a profession and how best to optimise your operation.

We were also joined by a regional expert, who gave a national overview of farming and talked about keeping livestock.  We saw the baby calves, the cows been milked and even saw a cow being ‘served’ (which is having IVF by hand).  We discussed how IVF is a lot more common now, due to its practical nature and emphasis on selective breeding.  We looked at the statistics produced from both milk production on a daily basis and the characteristics from the genes of bulls and how dairy farmers have to be able to interpret these and make informed choices.  

It was an amazingly interesting and informative afternoon and we thank both Mr Mycock and Andrew for their time.

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