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College Careers Talk Series - Accountancy

College Careers Talk Series - Accountancy

On Friday, Mr Manning came in to talk to Kinder about being an accountant in business. He discussed how everybody is an accountant to a certain extent as they manage their own finances, make informed decisions and plan for the future. We discussed how an accountant is involved in all aspects or business, as everything has a cost element attached to it. To show this, Kinder disassembled several pillows to see what they were made from and then did several role-plays that outlined making a profit or a loss and also the importance of cash flow.



The children took on the roles of bankers, landlords, customers, accountants, suppliers and workers and tried to meet the requirements for a placed order, with money changing hands at each stage. It was a great insight into financing a business and Kinder really enjoyed the hands-on experience! Thank you very much, Mr Manning, for such a great careers talk.

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