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LEGO Education Centre Opening

LEGO Education Centre Opening

After a tea, coffee and Lego cake in the library, parents and visitors crowded into the Innovation Centre for its official opening this morning. The event started with a brief introduction to the Innovation Centre and all the wonderful activities the children have been introduced to.  The centre focuses on the use of Lego to support learning, not only in learning to code Lego robots, but also in many other areas of the curriculum.  We were then enlightened more about the need for STEM type skills by David Gregory from Lego Education UK.  He talked about the key skills many employers are looking for today e.g. collaboration, problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and how learning through Lego can help develop these important skills.

Visitors then got hands on and everybody was given 6 pieces of Lego and asked to build a duck in 30 seconds.  We were amazed that all the ducks were different.  Apparently there are over 19 million different combinations of ducks that can be made from the 6 pieces.

Finally it was the children’s turn and they demonstrated the various projects they were working on - be it using the Lego Mindstorms, Lego We-Do, 3D printing, or Lego architecture. They all spoke enthusiastically and with great interest.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable morning and is the start of many exciting things to come.  Thank you to all those who attended.

For all of those who would like to see the LEGO video which explains much of the thinking behind this new way of teaching please google “Cultures of Creativity, nurturing creative mindsets” from LEGO Foundation on Vimeo or click on the following link:

The video is available for your viewing pleasure at https://vimeo.com/105388899


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