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Matlock Bath, Splash Landings and Malvern Cricket

Matlock Bath, Splash Landings and Malvern Cricket

What another fabulous weekend with the cricketers enjoying their tour down to Malvern; those boarders at school were lucky enough to be invited by Mr and Mrs Newton to Matlock Bath and for those that missed it last term there was a trip to Alton Towers’ Splash Landings.

A huge thank you to Mr and Mrs Newton and Fran, who invited the boarders over for a most delightful day. It started with a lovely walk along the river into the centre where they all got to look around the aquarium. The boarders were given a quiz, with prizes to be won. Congratulations to Ella H and Daisy L who won the junior quiz with 26 points out of 30 and to Iona who came second with 24 points. Amber took gold with a fabulous 30 points out of 30 with Jimena just behind with 28 points. After the aquarium the boys and girls were treated to the best fish and chips in the area before being given a very generous £10 from Mr Newton for the Amusements. The children must put all of the initial money through but could keep any winnings and prizes. Back the boys and girls came, jingling from the pockets and cuddling their new favourite teddy bears.

The six lucky boys got up early and went with Mr Wood and Mr Mortimer to Splash Landings. It was a splashtastic day and a new experience for most of the boys. The MasterBlaster was popular in the morning as the queues were low but the slides outside and in proved a haven for the competitive racing, albeit a few whistles were blown when the competition heated up and more than one boy went down at a time, sometimes even head first. The lazy rapids proved a lot of fun in the rings and whenever we heard the ding, ding, ding we all rushed to the spot below the climbing frame for a tonne of water to be tipped from a giant bucket down the roof onto the unsuspecting first timers below.

On return we enjoyed some free time (and revision) and whilst waiting for the cricketers to return so that we could all have an enjoyable supper together a game of croquet was set up on the Headmaster’s Lawn. We played doubles and I am delighted to announce the winners of the inaugural boarders’ croquet championship are Toby and Ed dlB, although they were under pressure from the competitive Unsworth teams.

A tremendous Sunday Roast before a quiet and relaxing evening ready for school on Monday.