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Modern Languages at S. Anselm's College

Languages should be hugely inspiring and rewarding at S. Anselm’s College, facilitating progression whether in further studies or, later on, in employment.

We offer two modern languages for GCSE: French and/or Spanish, catering for students of all abilities.

The themes covered in both languages are identical, as follows:

Theme 1: Identity and Culture

  • Me, my family and friends

  • Technology in everyday life

  • Free-time activities (music, entertainment, sport, food and eating out)

  • Customs and festivals in TL countries and communities


Theme 2: Local, national, international and global areas of interest

  • Home, town neighbourhood and region

  • Social issues (charity/voluntary work, healthy/unhealthy living)

  • Global issues (the environment, poverty/homelessness)

  • Travel and tourism


Theme 3: Current and future study and employment

  • My studies

  • Life at school/college

  • Education post-16

  • Jobs, career choices and ambition


For both languages, we adhere to the rigorous AQA GCSE Examination Board syllabus, which is taught over three years from Year 9 to Year 11.  A full range of resources are available, from digital resources to extensive access to our dedicated team of subject experts.

Small classes are key to developing one’s mastery of a foreign language. Our students are truly privileged in that matter, having much opportunity to express themselves orally in the target language and are given all the support and resources they need to succeed.

Tours including the Spanish Camino Expedition undertaken by Kinder (Year 9) in the Summer Term and a new French Trip are designed to inspire and motivate our pupils in the development of their language skills.