S. Anselm's

A full boarding and day school for boys and girls from Nursery to 16

Modern Languages

The lively, energetic Modern Languages department stresses the importance of learning to speak other languages and also of broadening horizons by learning about the different cultures. French is taught throughout the school, from the Nursery to Year 8. Younger children follow La Jolie Ronde learning through songs and games, before moving on to Mission: français, which takes our pupils to Common Entrance and Scholarship.

We have recently introduced Spanish which the children enjoy enormously. An introduction to Spanish in the Junior Forms leads to a more grammatical approach later on and ultimately to Common Entrance. Younger children follow the La Jolie Ronde Spanish course before progressing in Year 6 to Mira. Music and drama feature in the children’s learning and give them a great sense of the vibrant Spanish culture.

Our love of foreign languages and cultures expands into theme days – Spanish Day saw the whole school wearing Spanish colours, football shirts and flamenco dresses, listening and learning to play Spanish music and eating Spanish culinary delights such as paella and chocolate con churros. French and Italian days will also feature.

Year 8 spent a week in France last year principally to develop their conversational skills but also to become immersed in French culture. They visited Finistère in the far west corner of Brittany where the Breton culture is steeped in history. The children really benefited from their stay, being taught by local French teachers and visiting Quimper, Ile de Sein and Concarneau.