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Mountain Biking and Goosebumps

Mountain Biking and Goosebumps

Mountain Biking and Goosebumps

On Saturday evening the boarders enjoyed their free time before dressing down into their pyjamas and onesies ready for Saturday Night Treat. The seniors were persuaded by the girls to watch Pitch Perfect, the boys claimed they were doing the gentlemanly thing by allowing the girls to choose but secretly they all wanted to watch it anyway. Sammy U got his rugby fix as he set down to watch Saracens beat Bath in the rugby. A couple of boys snooped off to their little common room to watch The Alamo starring John Wayne whilst the Junior boarders settled into Spy Kids. A relaxing evening was had by all.

Boarders go mountain bikingThe seven boys who opted for mountain biking were up early on Sunday morning in their cycling shorts and thermals ready for a day out mountain biking at Cannock Chase. Mr Watt fortunately had the knowledge and skill to lead the group over to Cannock Chase, renowned for its mountain biking tracks. The boys had the most fantastic day following the Monkey Tail red route down the Devil’s Staircase and up the LungBuster to name a few, albeit I write this tonight absolutely shattered with the boys also ready for an early night. Although the downhill sections were challenging and immensely fun the last few miles certainly took their toll. George L, Shea J and Toby de la B were showing their fitness up and down the hillside keeping a close tail on Mr Watt with Russell F, Max H, Arthur L and Charlie C all thoroughly enjoying flying down the downhill parts, crossing narrow wooden bridges (with just peat bogs either side should you fall off) and down some of the drop offs. We opted for the longer red route which was tough but had some superb biking through woods and over tree trunks. The course was extremely muddy and you could hardly see the faces through the mud. The pre trail Burger King certainly gave us the much needed energy for the day. It was a fantastic way to spend a Sunday and we were largely lucky with the weather, a cool but dry-ish day.

The weather was not quite as good back at base in Bakewell but the rest of the boarders enjoyed a walk down to Bakewell on Sunday morning with £1 pocket money to buy some goodies to take to the cinema with them. After a quick turnaround back to School they set off for Cineworld in Chesterfield to watch Goosebumps. It was greatly enjoyed by all of the boarders across all ages, even though it was a little scary at times! After the film we headed across the road to McDonalds for a special lunch. After lots of good chitchat and a full tummy they set off back to School!

On returning to school the children enjoyed some free time. Some of the boarders chose to settle into the library to play the famous “Magic”, while others ran off their lunch in the sports hall. It was a lovely afternoon, enjoyed by both staff and children.

It was a great turnout for Sunday Supper at 6pm with parents, aunties and uncles all joining in and catching up with their family members. Roast Pork and stuffing was just what the boarders needed before letter writing and a relaxing evening ready for the week ahead.