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Our Trip to the Manchester Museum by Freddie H

Our Trip to the Manchester Museum by Freddie H

On Thursday 12th November we went to Manchester Museum to find out more about our topic on Ancient Egypt. First of all we got off the bus and walked into the museum. I felt really excited!

Once we had walked through the museum doors we met our guide called Hannah. It was at that point that I saw a massive skeleton from a dinosaur! A man called Rob led us through another set of doors and down a flight of stairs to our lunch room where we stored all of our packed lunches.

Our Trip to Manchester MuseumBack up the stairs, Hannah took us the education room and showed us how to use an iPad. She told us we had to find a mummified Ancient Egyptian called Asru and on the iPad we had to take pictures of things that she would like in the afterlife. Once we had saved our work, we went down stairs to the handling room and we were allowed to touch artefacts that were 4,000 years old! My group was Max, James, Reuben and myself. Our challenge was to match the artefacts to the written descriptions and also choose one item to go with Asru to the afterlife. We chose a ‘shabti doll’ because we thought it would serve Asru in the next world.

Soon it was time for lunch and we walked upstairs to collect our rucksacks. I had a cheese sandwich, some really salty crisps, a bottle of water, an apple and a frostie bar…it was yummy!

In the afternoon we explored the whole museum! It was absolutely brilliant! The thing I liked most of all was the T-Rex skeleton. It was the biggest skeleton I had ever seen! I also enjoyed looking at all the stuffed animals but the highlight was the live animals where I saw real snakes, lizards, poisonous dart frogs and a chameleon – they were amazing to look at!

Then we went back into the Ancient Worlds area and we had the chance to draw some sketches. I sketched Asru herself.

Towards the end of the day we visited the mummified animals and I found out that the Ancient Egyptians even mummified crocodiles and hawks! Finally it was time to go back to school. It was such an amazing day!

By Freddie H (Y3)

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