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Paintballing and Archery, first weekend back!

Paintballing and Archery, first weekend back!

Paintball and Archery

I am delighted to report that the boarders have all come back on fabulous form. The Year 7s are most impressed with the featured walls in their dorms, including various detailed maps creating much discussion on where everyone had been on holiday. The Year 8s have filled all of the beds in Storrs Fox with their new beds and wardrobes, enjoying being at the top of the School with the later bedtimes and added responsibility.

After games on Saturday the boys and girls enjoyed their free time with many opting to relax and take in the busy week passed, others kept on going organising touch rugby and football games on the field. On Saturday evening the boarders dressed down and were very much looking forward to Saturday Night Treat. The Year 8s carried their duvets and pillows down to the Hargreaves Hall to enjoy Fast and Furious on the cinema-sized screen while the younger boarders watched Antz in the comfortable surroundings of the library. Popcorn and lemonade made it a special evening before the boys and girls settled down for night.

The boarders woke up with a small splash of cold as Mr Wood was practising his shooting with his water pistol ahead of the days paintball. In the end the pillows sufficed as the boarders overcame the initial attack. With excitement and adrenaline running early in the day we headed down to get a good breakfast knowing it was going to be a fast and furious day at Brailsford. We all enjoyed the vast breakfast, some making triple decker bacon, sausage and beans sandwiches before getting ready for Archery and Paintball.

The budding young Robin Hoods enjoyed a day of Archery.Junior Boarders do archery They learnt the skills needed to hit the targets at various distances before engaging in battle against each other in team and individual head to heads. Mr Robinson says he hadn’t done it in years, which is hard to believe as he came away with a most impressive score of 307. Miss Southam improved as the day went on but huge congratulations must go to Lizzie R who came top of the girls group and to Sammy U who won the boys group. The results of the day:  

1st – Mr Robinson
2nd – Sammy U
3rd – Lizzie R
4th – Tilly G
5th – Hector M
6th – Miss Southam
7th – Kyle C
8th – Humphrey M

Well done to all. In the paintball the boys, girls and staff were split into two teams, the blue team and the red team. In the first game the attacking team had to rescue Dave from the broken down Land Rover, he had been shot in the head and was bleeding out… fortunately Dave was only a dummy as Alex E managed to skirt around the back of the blue teams defence to pull him out in the allotted time limit. 20 points to the blue team. Next up it was the blue teams turn to rescue Dave. They left it late but managed also to rescue Dave just in time. It was hotting up as the boys and girls had to leave the game zone having been shot. One shot one kill meant accuracy was hugely important. Archie P and Will D certainly took a few paintballs with a few ringed bruises appearing before lunch. The Caravan games was next, this time the red team managed to defend their flag, it was hot work but tactics prevailed and it took them 40 points ahead going into the last game; suicide alley. The blue team needed to reach the bomb first and get it to the opponents base within the time limit. Again leaving it late and with a bloodbath down the left over the bridge and in the trenches Max H and George L made a dart for it…they made it and honours were even.

A fabulous day. We made it back just in time to get changed for Church. A marvellous service with Canon Tony where we learned about the power of the tongue and speech. We sang the hymns with gusto, including Mr Phillips’ favourite ‘Bread of Heaven’ and Mr Wood’s ‘I vow to thee’. It was lovely to see so many parents who came to Church and Sunday Supper. With roast chicken on the menu it brought the perfect end to an excellent day.