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Planet Bounce and Oundle 7s

Planet Bounce and Oundle 7s

Planet Bounce and Oundle 7s

What a fantastically busy end of term we are having. With Dads v Lads football and Mums v Daughters netball on Saturday all were on really good form. Well done to the Daughters and Lads, where stamina prevailed as they both clinched victories late in the final minutes. We also wish Mr Potter a swift recovery as he was taken off with a damaged Achilles. Huge congratulations to the Wellingtons and Nelsons Parents who won the Inaugural Parents House Quiz. Their victories have added to the House Totals, which in the end will decide which House gets to go on the Winning House Trip at the end of the year.

This year we decided to extend the celebrations further and the Maazi from Hathersage brought their infamous cuisine to S. Anselm’s. With Riz and Quida presenting and serving the four delicious types of curry. There was a Chicken Balti for those who like a little bit of kick; Macon Murgh for those who like the creamy sauce, excellent for dipping your garlic naan; Mixed Vegetable Curry and a Chick Pea and Aubergine Curry. Most went for all four and we all enjoyed a feast starting with poppadum and pickles. It was great to see the parents and children chatting about their competitive matches that afternoon and the afternoon’s highlights were the speeches. Well done to Annie who spoke about the girls’ unbeaten netball season, Toby who added humour and spoke about the boys pleasing rugby season, Mrs Whawell and Mrs Brailich who reinforced what the girls said about the netball, George who thanked the staff and boys for their commitment to the hockey and Jack who gave a few insightful words on the football season.

That evening England lifted the 6 Nations Cup with the Grand Slam after winning Le Crunch. Spirits were high but bodies were shattered. Everyone was looking forward to crashing on the couches in front of a film.

Sunday morning we arose with the 7s rugby team heading down to Oundle for a tournament. The matches were tough but the certain highlight was beating St Hugh’s the eventual Cup Winners. The boarders went to Planet Bounce in Nottingham. What a marvellous place! The boarders had such fun, slamming dunks in the basketball hoops, playing bounce dodge ball and performing incredible tricks onto the air bag. Charlie and Thomas performed some great backflips and Thomas did a great three piece combo with a front flip into a round off finished off with a backflip!!

Back to base the Year 8s went for a walk down to Bakewell while everyone else enjoyed some free time. The weather was great and we enjoyed the afternoon. Chapel Choir came in for Church at 5 for a Palm Sunday Service followed by a delicious Sunday roast. The boys played ‘Swing Low’ on their brass instruments to celebrate England’s Grand Slam while we enjoyed our crumble.

A wonderful last weekend at School, we are now all looking forward to the Easter break and for some of the Year 8s their last term at S. Anselm’s before Senior Public School!! BW