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Pottery Rolling and Bakewell Strolling 28th February 2015

Pottery Rolling and Bakewell Strolling 28th February 2015

Pottery Rolling and Bakewell Strolling

It was a busy Saturday evening with many more boarders than usual, due to the early start for the Oakham Tournament on Sunday. The Packwood 7s boys returned filthy and tired just in time for late supper and tuck after a hard day’s graft on the rugby field. The rugby and netball players showered and dressed down earlier than usual into comfies and enjoyed the film ‘The Water Horse’ accompanied by popcorn and lemonade before getting an early night in preparation for the tournament the following morning. Some of the other boarders opted to play card games in the Library with Mr Mortimer and the Year 8s made the Hargreaves Hall comfy with duvets aplenty for the evening.

After a hugely busy week the boarders were very much in the mood for a fun but very relaxing Sunday. It was an early wake up for the boys and girls who were heading off to Oakham for the U12 and U10 netball and rugby 7s tournament. An early cooked breakfast was very much welcomed and the other boarders enjoyed a well-deserved lie in. With fewer boarders in school that usual we split into two groups: the Year 8s and the Junior Boarders. The Year 8s went down to Bakewell with what seems like their never ending £1 pocket money. Of course this was after a hearty rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ was sung at the breakfast table for Sophie C. Sophie got an extra £2 pocket money to buy a DVD for the boarding house. As ever the Year 8s found a bargain in the charity shops. While the Year 8s were down in Bakewell the rest of the boarders enjoyed a game of knock out Frisbee. Now for those who have never played, it is a team game invented by Mr Mortimer in the sports hall. There are 8 linked red mats per team per side about 12m apart. The teams throw the Frisbee to each side and the receiving team must catch it. If the Frisbee is dropped or indeed the throw is deemed ‘uncatchable’ the player must go onto their knees. If this happens to that player again they are out. Tom H and Luke D really got involved and along with Mr Mortimer’s nifty tricks it was a great hour.

Mrs Eccleston had come in for the day. The Year 8s were to do the morning hour and a half pottery session and the Junior boarders in the afternoon. Alex E came up with the wonderful idea of making a pottery town in one of the Monday evening slots. Each pupil could make anything that may be found in a town. Mrs Eccleston briefed us on the best way to make houses out of clay and the techniques needed to make the more impressive and detailed buildings. It was great fun. Churches, bridges, water wheels, cars, bikes, grocery shops and pubs were made out of clay and placed on a board. The junior boarders loved their session in the afternoon and what was an idyllic town soon became a town with tank factories, tanks and an RAF airport. All will be on view as soon as it has been fired in the kiln.

The afternoon allowed for some free time, a free swim with Mrs Elvin and of course the 6 Nations Rugby: England v Ireland. Unfortunately the result did not please many of the fans, other than Master Charlie C who is an avid Ireland fan.

A fabulous evening followed with a delicious roast turkey and all of the trimmings. It is great to see the boarders on such fine form, and with more and more of the younger pupils coming in to flexi-board there is a wonderful atmosphere.