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Pre-Prep visit to Winhill

Pre-Prep visit to Winhill

As part of our studies for British Wildlife week, the whole Pre-Prep set off in a convoy of school minibuses to the Hope Valley yesterday. We had been kindly invited by Dr and Dr Brennan, (Mrs Scott’s parents) to visit their lovely home at Winhill.


The children excitedly spilled out of the minibuses and were told about the activities they were going to be doing during their visit. One group started off in the woods and had to look for wildlife creatures which were scattered around, under bushes, or in hollows of trees. The children had to decide which were likely to be British wildlife and which weren’t. There was also a mythical creature which they had to find as well!



The other group set off to walk up Winhill, and look for evidence of wildlife in the local environment. They came across some stepping stones immersed within a muddy brook. Great fun was had squelching through the mud, although I’m not sure Mrs Caudwell felt quite the same enthusiasm having to remove her boots which had become stuck, in order to rescue a couple of the children who had also got stuck!


The children also gathered materials to build their own nests, and considered where a safe place would be for the nest to be situated. A few chocolate eggs found their way into the nests, much to the children’s delight!


Many thanks to the Brennans for inviting us to their home, we had a really super trip.