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Pre-Prep Christmas Play

Pre-Prep Christmas Play

Whilst an audience full of families awaited the performance of the Whoops-A-Daisy Angel the children in the Pre-Prep busily prepared themselves to take to the stage. With the help of our magnificent actors, actresses, narrators, singers and dancers the performance of the Whoops-a-Daisy told the story of the very first Christmas.

We were fortunate to have twinkling, dancing stars, twirling, little snowflakes, some bossy little angels, a few tired shepherds, and of course the Angel who struggled to remember anything or get anything right – except of course she delivered her lines perfectly! With the help of the local inn keepers the Angel managed to navigate her way to meet baby Jesus, and was greeted warmly by Mary and Joseph. Our royal Kings proved to have extremely talented camels and were eager to deliver their gifts to the special baby.

The children all performed brilliantly, they delivered their lines with enthusiasm and confidence, the singing was sensational and they all enjoyed telling their story to such a cheerful audience!

An enormous well done to everyone!