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Prep School first X1 vs College X1

Prep School first X1 vs College X1

On Saturday, the Prep School first XI prepared to face the College boys at football. Josh N and George W warmed their teams up and the prep school kicked off for the first third.

From the start, the prep school seemed to have the advantage, as most of the initial play was in the College half. Toby G, the College goal keeper, was called upon to make his initial saves, with attacks from Alfie and Vlad. After the game had settled, the College began to make their incursions, wit...h great linking play from Jack W and Luca H-K. George W kept the game going for the College, as he kept control of the mid field. Bruno tried his hardest to keep the attackers at bay, but eventually Jack W found the back of the net. This was followed shortly by a great attempt from George W. To finish the half off, Monty G also scored. The result after the first third was College 3, Prep school 0.

After some tactical changes during the break, the Prep school came straight back into the game with two impressive goals from Josh N. The last third started with a solo run from Jack W, who found the back of the net for the College within the first minute. The Prep school answered with an impressive finish from Alec F, who read the game well and calmly scored from a rebound in the College box. One last College attack saw Jack W finish his hat trick for the College.

Final score: Prep school 3, College 5. Each time picked their man of the match from the other team. Josh N was named prep school man of the match, due to his impressive play and two goals. Rupert G was man of the match for the College, because of his strong defensive work. Thank you to all the parents who came to show their support and to all the S. Anselm’s boys for such an enjoyable, well contested game.

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