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Reception News

Reception News

The theme for this half of term has been journeys. The children have climbed aboard a make shift hot air balloon and have touched down in the land of bears. This topic got off to a roaring start!  The children have learnt about giant pandas, grizzly bears and polar bears. They have enjoyed a variety of activities including working together to make our very own giant panda.

They have embarked on journeys of their own such as exploring, gardening, swimming and gym to name but a few.

Some have discovered they can now do things such as doing up buttons, putting on blazers and cutting around pictures without any help. Friendships are continuously being forged and it has been a pleasure watching them take on the role of the three bears and Goldilocks in our wonderful cardboard box cottage – such an achievement in so short a time!    

The reception class have a lot to be proud of in a very short space of time – well done all of you. I am certainly looking forward to the next stage of our journey where I believe the children are steering our hot air balloon towards non-stop parties and celebrations. Watch this space!