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Reception Visit Buxton Fire Station

Reception Visit Buxton Fire Station

There was great excitement as we boarded the minibus to Buxton. The Reception Class thought of lots of questions to ask the Blue watch crew and impressed the fire safety staff with their knowledge about fire engines, firefighters and rescue boats for floods. 

On arrival we were greeted by loud sirens, flashing lights and the Blue watch crew jumping into their engines and racing off to a real 999 emergency! This sadly meant the station was void of any crew to allow hands on experience of water hoses, fire engine rides and platform lifts. However two lovely ladies showed us around the station and let us try on uniforms and sit in the back of the Flood truck.

We looked at old fashioned appliances and uniforms and picked out our favourite helmets from the bygone days. We were also asked to get our families to check that smoke alarms are working and then showed off our SDR procedure, for  if our clothes were on fire: STOP, DROP and ROLL: