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Reception reach new heights!

Reception reach new heights!

Friday morning was filled with exciting adventures for Reception children on their class trip to the Heights of Abraham, thanks to the generous hosting of Mrs Pugh and her team. We bravely scaled the mountain tops in cable cars, enjoying the view and seeing if we could spot any bird’s nests. We were really high up so it was lucky nobody had vertigo – not even Miss Fox in the end!

“We went up a very big hill and we were higher than a tree!” exclaimed Eddie.

Afterwards we had to carefully work our way down a steep hill to find a nice viewing spot to charge our batteries with a snack and quick drink.

Refreshed and revived, the adventuring continued as we explored the depths of a cave in torchlight searching for crystals, learning about lead-mining and courageously experiencing how dark the mine would have been back in its day. Even though it was a bit scary, the children helped each other to be brave and pointed out interesting things they could see around them.

“We used our torches so we could see where we’re going in the dark cave,” Tiggy explained.

Once back in the daylight, we had a super, big hill to climb but fortunately we had our imaginary climbing ropes with us to get back up. Amazingly, the children were still full of energy at the top so the best thing to do was to release them on the adventure playground. The children were amazing at climbing, sliding and navigating their way confidently around some tricky equipment. We all had lots of fun.

Tummies rumbling, it was definitely time for some lunch so Mrs Pugh took us to a lovely tent for our special picnic. One of the staff volunteered to come over and show us a large piece of crystal found in the larger cave, which was then donated to the class as a gift.  “We saw some amazing crystals,” said Holly.

Re-charged once more, we headed to find out about fossils, do some fossil rubbing with crayons, feel a range of beautifully-coloured stones and gems and even managed to fit in a little gold-panning!

Finally, exhausted but filled with stories of our experiences, it was time to head back to the bus and back to school. Thank you so much to Mrs Pugh, the team at the Heights of Abraham and to all the children and staff who contributed to such a wonderful trip.

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