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Reception visit Alton Manor

Reception visit Alton Manor

Reception at Alton Manor

picking up conkersReception had their first ever outing all together and what an adventure it was! The excitement started on the minibus, a first time for most. The thrill of passing familiar villages, fields and even shops ensured the journey was far from quiet and I’ve certainly learnt a thing or two about what and where all the Mummies go during the day! Mrs Harrison greeted us and helped us off the bus, coats were fastened, hoods pulled on (it was very wet) we were ready! 

Pulling up the turnipThe band of intrepid explorers set off across the park to explore the beautiful grounds. The woods proved to be a great hit with mountains of bark, muddy puddles, fallen trees and even a fairy’s hut! We had great fun foraging for conkers, sweet chestnuts and leaves of varying shapes, sizes and colour. The maze was discovered and the hunt was on to find a hedgehog with their name on amongst the undergrowth. Mrs Harrison had one final challenge for us – to pull the enormous turnip from the ground. We all took hold and heaved, up it popped and down we toppled! Roll on our next outing.