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Reception's End of Year Outing

Reception's End of Year Outing

Tropical Butterfly House – Reception’s End of Year outing

If you haven’t been here you must. Reception had a fantastic day exploring the grounds of this magical place. After a relatively easy journey up the M1 with lots of chatter, singing and endless rounds of I spy we finally spotted the butterfly signs to show we were close.

A pit stop in the adventure playground, a big drink of water, a quick snack and we were ready to explore the rainforests of Yorkshire! The children were mesmerised by the beautiful colours that swopped and fluttered before our very eyes, squeals of delight could be heard as they spotted all sorts of creatures crawling, climbing and swimming around them.

Tropical birds were high up in the canopy, while hissing cockroaches scuttled under our feet, we saw poisonous dart frogs, a huge iguana, stick insects, chameleons, snakes, bats, terrapins, leaf cutter ants and a funny looking creature that we all thought was a hedgehog! The highlights were the beautiful butterflies of course.

Once outside the children had fun spotting wildlife in the woods and managed to name all the dinosaurs that were hiding on every bend. We were lucky enough to see otters frolicking in the water ducking and diving to keep cool in the heat, which is exactly what we wanted to do – so we did with the help of the quiz board that squirted you when you got the answers wrong!!